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PM2000 born twenty years ago.

We are in 1960 in Val di Chiana, in the heart of Tuscany, where Piero Mangiavacchi with a great passion began woodworking as a carpenter for a leading company in the industry.
Subsequently in the late 70 'gained considerable experience in manufacturing machines for the woodworking, start trading and sale of machinery and tools. In 1987, he moved to Modena, the PM2000 founded a family business, which after long years of militancy in the area becomes a reality recognized on the Italian market.
In 2008, the PM2000, trying to broaden their horizons opened a branch in Spain in Madrid where he still operates, allowing it to be able to offer services prori abroad. We sell all types of machinery, new equipment and accessories for woodworking, plastic, aluminum, machinery used, refurbished on our premises.
For our customers means we can always count on more than 200 new or used models in stock or available quickly to suit the needs of large business, small company or of the 'advanced hobbyist. Means relying on a wide range of accessories and spare parts and technical assistance to qualified, professional and fast, because we know that a quick installation and testing or an immediate restoration of a breakdown are fundamental to the work of those who rely on us .

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